Akita – A Strong And Muscular Dog

The Akitas are the big dog at 100 pounds. There are many Akitas that weigh even more. In that heavy body, there is a lot of muscle, so he can also grow on the good dog food for pitbulls. He is one of the dominating breeds, so it is natural that the dog will want to dominate you. You need to give him proper training and the training should be given to him directly from you. Loyalty and faith are some of the most important things to an Akita,so the bond between you, the owner, and him, the dog, should not be broken by a trainer. 

Before adopting an Akita, you should first know how to train this breed. These dogs do not respond to harsh words and methods. Only when your training is respectful enough, the dog will in turn respect you. And keep your mind ready that training this dog will take a long time, probably longer than many other breeds. The Akita dog is very intelligent indeed, but there is a part of stubbornness in his personality, and he can orient his willfulness where he wants it to go. These things will very likely interfere with the training for this dog. For the best results, you would better do a lot of homework on the effective ways to train an Akita before bringing one into your household. A friendly reminder: this is no dog for the timid ones. And you should always get him a best flea collar for dogs.

Willful and determined, Akita is a very social pet. This may be contrary to his public reserved image, but he indeed needs a lot of time to be spent with his dog or human family. No, he will not play the role of a backyard dog very well. You know what goes hand in hand with loyalty? It is companionship. If you make him live outside of your family, if he ever senses that you do not consider him as a part of your house, if you deny him from your family benefits, then you have denied the very existence of an Akita.