All About Semiconductor Metrology Tools

Semiconductor metrology gears are the equipment’s used in semiconductor devices for assembly and fabrication. Blades are very significant in the business and the most generally used blades are stainless steel blades, alloy steel blades and alloy steel blades with ends made of tungsten alloy.

Alloy steel blades are durable and hard, making them perfect for busy atmospheres. Stainless steel blades do not corrosion and they, therefore, decrease the danger of uncleanness in a clean room. Alloy steel blades with ends ready of tungsten alloy are beneficial in that there is no danger of nicking the blade.  You can also look for our optical metrology equipment via

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Other commonly used cutting tools are all blades using semi-flush edges.  All these include a long cutting life and they have an edge bevel to generate modest pinches on the tip of snipped cables.  If you would like minimum level, you are able to use flush cutters.

Blades and other semiconductor metrology applications must have cushioned security grips.  In this manner, there isn’t any danger of ESD or electrostatic discharge.  ESD can damage a processor.  A good illustration of semiconductor metrology tool utilized for SMT or surface mount technologies software is your subminiature tip cutters.

This instrument is used to eliminate individual leads from parts which are fine-pitch and this is largely done with a microscope.  It’s possible to use angulated mini-cutters, which have alleviated cutting heads for good cuts.