Benefits And Risks Of Side Impact Airbags

Side-impact airbags are a specialized kind of airbag which will help shield the head and torso in case of a crash which has an effect on the side of the motor vehicle.

Though side-impact airbags have existed since 1998, they just recently became widely accessible, and unlike frontal airbags, aren’t required from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Thus not all vehicles have been equipped with such an airbag. Nonetheless, in late 2007, a new rule came into effect that required all automobile manufacturers to update their side-impact protection.

Vehicle makers were subsequently given the liberty to determine which sort of security system with which to equip their vehicles. To get more info on airbags then do visit

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Side impacts airbags help protect car occupants in case of a crash to the side of the motor vehicle. If a collision is intense, a side-impact airbag will inflate in a matter of moments so as to shield the head and torso of the driver or passengers.


Despite all of the extra security advantages of side airbags, they do comprise a set of dangers. Some recommended criteria exist for many airbags, and automobile manufacturers voluntarily report to the authorities when the airbags in their vehicles meet those recommendations.

Most accidents that occur as a consequence of airbags might have been averted had the occupant been properly controlled with a seatbelt.

Airbags are designed to offer added protection in the case of a crash, not replace a seatbelt. Without a seatbelt, a passenger could land along with an airbag and suffocate or get trapped from a side of their vehicle as an outcome.