Common Drain Cleaning Techniques

The drainage system is an important a part of every household. Sewage washouts of the kitchen and bathroom go into the drainage system and it is vital that you ensure that the drainage device in your house in operating perfectly.

One such method is the drain cabling or snaking technique that involves installing a long cable throughout the drainage system. This method is useful in video inspection of drain pipelines as the cable helps carry the camera to various parts of the drainage. If you want more details about drain cleaning techniques, you can navigate here

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Underground line detection is another technique that plumbers involve in drainage cleaning during servicing. This is done to electrically detect underground lines using detector machines. The detectors usually have inductive signal transmission system that indicates the presence of an underground line on the LCD display.

Video sewer inspection is the most important part of drain cleaning wherein small sized cameras are mounted on cables that run through the sewage pipelines and locate any blockage occurring in the sewer. 

The most common method then used in cleaning drain systems is hydro jetting. Be it water jetting sewers, rain drains or storm drains, hydro jetting has proved effective in clearing out blockages in all these drain types irrespective of the size of the pipeline.