Common Mistakes Which Lead to Erratic Spraying by Cats

Do you make changes to the interiors of your house frequently? Frequent changes inside the house can stress out your cats. The stress is often responsible for the erratic spraying behavior of the cats. The changes can be as simple as moving your furniture or changing the position of your television set. Cats hate changes. If you keep changing things in your house, it is very difficult to stop cats from spraying no matter what steps you take on how to stop cats from spraying.

Being irregular with your feeding habit can also make it difficult for you to stop cats from spraying. If you are feeding your cats at different times each day, it would make them unhappy. An unhappy cat doesn’t need any other reason to spray urine. It actually shows its displeasure by spraying erratically. If you are feeding your cats at 1 PM for instance, you should stick to the same time everyday. Feeding them at 2 PM next day or 12 PM on a different day would make things worse. If you are not able to stick to the exact time every single day, differences of 30 minutes would be alright. But, delaying too much would annoy them. It is actually better to appoint somebody to feed the cats.