Contouring Tips For Day Time Make Up


You are obsessed with watching the latest makeup tutorials on YouTube and are just learning ways to contour your face. Before you plan on adding more glow and definition to your look, check out these useful contouring tips for day time make up.

1. It is all about the brush

It is important that you use a brush for contouring and blend in the hard lines for a perfect look. You can use a small fluffy brush for contouring the sides of your nose and a fan brush for your jaw line and hairline to be more precise. Remember to use an angled contour brush for your cheekbones.

2. Choose the right colour

It is important that the bronzer colour that you choose complements your skin tone and seems more natural. Try to look for something that is two shades darker than your skin tone.

3. Stay matte

It is preferable that you stick with matte contouring. You can add the shimmer later on with the highlighter.

4. Don’t go around in circles

There is a technique to contour your cheeks perfectly. Try to avoid moving the brush in circular motions, as it will only leave a dark mark on it. You should always remember to sweep the brush back and forth instead of just focusing all in one place.

Therefore, before you go and buy yourself a mineral foundation and contour kit, pay attention to these tips to get a perfect daytime makeup look.