Cricket Sport Its Sophisticated Technology

I really feel that modern technology should be presented to cricket. This is what cricket demands.

Headgear cams.

Use tracking technology for LBW decisions.

Use of high framework price video cameras to identify run-outs and also stumpings.

Use of lasers to praise run out choices.

Use of sensing units in bails and also in the border rope to identify if the batsman is out OR struck a 4.

Use stump microphone to determine close capturing decisions.

Use of yellow & red cards to put on hold players from the game of repeatly flouting policies.

Use of 'Eye-Vision' technology to improve TV watching.

Use 'Real Track' technology to give the range the round carried (6's).

Use biodegradable paint to colour the infield and outfield.


Below are some reccomendations to the ICC.

Change its name to something more depictive like International Cricket Federation (GCF).

No veto legal rights to participant nations.

Belong of the International Olympic Commitee.

Aim making Cricket an Olympic sporting activity.

Boost fines for medicine offences & racial misuse.

Play the National Anthem before the beginning of each match on the planet Mug.

Playoff for Third area in the WC.

Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals provided to each gamer in WC. (like in football).

Contend least 24 teams play in the WC.

For the World Cup international icons must be made primary guests. eg UN Sec. General, Monarch of England, sportstars, premiers and so on ICC at Obtain the domain like,. org, etc. In the site have outlined details like player as well as group stats, current news, gamer accounts, how the sporting activity is played, connect to nationwide boards, on-line newscast of matches, background, truths and stats, positions etc. Offer software to determine the Duckworth Lewis results. Usage most recent programs languages like XML, SQL, ASP and so on for site at Setting up of blog sites as well as bulletin board system.

Handling the World

To urge even more nations to occupy cricket, cricket has to be marketed well. Groups like Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore have a great program as well as should be motivated to acquire ODI status. For cricket to do well local sporting titans need to be offered top concern. These countries are local giants and also act like a catalyst to spread out the sporting activity to adjoining countries. The countries are: China, United State, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Nigeria Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morrocco, Sweden, Fiji, Argentina and also Brazil.