Dubai‘s Wild Wadi Water Park

Situated in front of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, the amazing Wild Wadi Water Playground offers more than 30 rides and attractions for the whole family to enjoy.

The park is themed around the story of Juha, an Arabian folklore character. It is written that Juha used to sail to faraway lands until one day his ship overturned departing him and his family marooned on an enchanted island where there were freshwater streams and beautiful waterfalls. You can also look for aqua park in Dubai at

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Even the wipe-out along with Riptide mountain bikers provide an amazing surfing adventure. One of just four these excursions about the world, the wipe-out stunt riders has been that the very first Everlasting in-flux to become assembled.

Created by the American surfing enthusiast Thomas Lochtefeld, the wipe-out shoots out significantly more than just seven degrees of ordinary water another at a slim sheet along with the wrought iron makeup. This creates a life-like in-flux impact that is wonderful for kneeboarding along with bodyboarding.

Breaker’s Bay could be your most significant wave pool at the center west. Length of only one single 1.5 yards, in 5 distinct configurations is said from the swimming pool.