Ford Super Duty Gets Tweaked And Empowered

Ford’s Super Duty truck has obtained a brand new 6.7-liter turbocharged petrol engine for the 2011 model year. After the truck moved on sale sooner in 2010, the Power Stroke diesel returned 390 pound-feet of torque and 735 horsepower. Additionally, Baldwin-Wallace College claims that the truck receives 29.2 miles to the gallon.

However, ford diesel performance has discovered a way to enhance power and fuel market by providing a software update. That 30-minute alteration, conducted at the dealer level, will yield 400 pound-feet of torque along with 800 horsepower, providing best in class functionality. Significantly, Ford states that fuel economy will improve, but those amounts have to be verified.

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Smart Transfer

The update is not unusual, however, it had been handled is. Rather than waiting for another version trucks to be constructed, Ford has provided the update for most new trucks and people already sold to clients.

That means in the event that you possess a 2011 Power Stroke diesel, you can find the update free of price. Ford states that clients are very likely to choose the shift particularly if they use their trucks for hauling and other demanding labor.

More Tweaks

The software has a significant role in how any automobile works nowadays… Torque, horsepower, fuel efficiency and a slew of in-cabin and managing issues are computer controlled or improved, allowing producers to squeeze more efficiency and power from each car or truck.

Truly, software engineers can occasionally figure out ways to produce a far more efficient after the truth, giving clients the opportunity to enjoy a free upgrade.