Hand Held Power Drills

You see, dunking the basketball is fantastic, but you will need the ball handling ability to reach the basket so as to dunk.

Shooting out the lights is excellent, but there’ll be occasions when the defense is so good that you won’t have the ability to catch and shoot, rather, you’ll want the ball-handling ability to make your own shot.

So, the question is, what ball handling drills should you do to create unstoppable ball handling ability?

Well, there are hundreds of exercises which you can do to improve your ball handling, but I will give you three stationary drills which you can begin doing today, and if you master them, you’ll have some mad handles.

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The first drill is an easy, but beneficial drill known as, the Hundred Dribble Drill. You begin with your left hand behind your back, you then dribble the basketball up to your shoulders 100 times, as hard as you can with your right hand. You then switch hands and do the same thing.

Repeat the procedure, but this time you may dribble the basketball around the height of your hips. Then finally, you may do the drill one more time when dribbling the basketball up to the height of the knees. Ensure that you keep your head up when you do this drill.

The next drill is known as the Dual Crossover Drill. This drill can be extremely tough at first, but if you master it you will increase your confidence and your ball handling ability.

You need two basketballs; one in each hand. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle and then cross the two basketballs over at precisely the identical time. You are essentially doing a simple crossover dribble, but rather, you are doing it with two basketballs.

Do four sets of 25 dribbles. In case you have trouble with the drill, do not worry because like I stated earlier, it’s a tricky drill to complete. As soon as you get more familiar with this drill, make an effort to keep your head up.

The previous drill is known as the Go-To-Move Drill. Consider a move that you truly want to master. It might be a crossover, a behind-the-back dribble, a spin move, or anything which you can consider.

As soon as you figure what move you need to master, then you will do this move as quickly as possible for 4 sets of 25. As always, keep your head up when you do this drill.