Health Care Tips for Eyes! Take Care Of Your Eyes

Eyes are one of the sensitive part of the body and an important part of the health. Our eyes bear and suffer a lot from pollution to makeup to harmful sun rays to screen rays, etc. So here are some health care tips for eyes for better vision and good eye health. A comprehensive dilated eye exam is the best way to know about eye health. This way you came to know about common eye diseases like, weak vision, glaucoma, age related macular degeneration, diabetic eye diseases, etc.

Apart from regular doctor visits and checkups, you need to take precaution steps for your eyes health. So first of all know about family’s eye health history and work accordingly. The basic care you can do is to eat healthy food and incorporate food which is good for eye health and vision. Protect your eyes, from sunlight so always wear good quality of eye wear and even when you are playing sports or doing some activity which can harm eyes to prevent injury. Mynahcare is a healthcare platform that enables its user to get complete health guide for living a healthy life. People may get health care tips via

Some people have habit of putting their fingers in eyes or rubbing eyes, so stop doing it. If you feel irritation go and wash eyes with cold water or put eye drops. Also wash your hands before wearing or removing contact lens, those who work in front of screens wear screen protective eyewear. Maintain healthy weight, quit smoking and do eye exercise like blinking, focusing, etc to maintain good eyesight and health.