Help Your Dog In Stressful Situations

Isn't it so cute when your dog is happy? When you give him the best dry dog food for german shepherds, his eyes gleam with shine. When you give another the best dog food for pitbulls, he wags his tails away in appreciation. But every now and then, there are still unwanted behaviors from your dog that you find annoying and hard to accept. What can you do in such situation?

Stop your dog from repeating that unwanted behavior with a consistent plan. Show your dog your dis-approvement when he acts some way that you don't like. IF you don't do this in time, your dog will repeat the action with more intensity in the next time. If a crowd or intense situation is what your dog reacts negatively to, take him to a calmer place for a moment to reduce the stimulation level. If that is not possible, train him first with the sit and stay behind you so that he can perceive you as the leader and feels safe behind you.

After things have calmed down, teach your pet to act in a different way, should the same situation arise. What we want to do here is keep the dog mind focused on a task, and know what rewards he will be given if the task is completed. A dog with a focused mind will not be very reactive, and can ignore the simulations around so that he can complete the task. For example, should you get the dog inside a crate, but he starts to feel bad and growling, then keeps its attention to you and the treats nearby instead of the closed place he is put inside. 

If your dog acts negatively when around other dogs, hold the leash tightly and quickly pull him away. This, more than anything, show him that you do not want him to act that way.