Herbal Cosmetics to go Global Markets

Shahnaz Husain, beauty salon entrepreneur and a herbal cosmetic, is eager to enter Australia, Canada and the US to cash in on the increased interest in all-natural make-up.

"We're enlarging our footprints around the world. We shall take Ayurveda and brand India to more states within annually," Husain said. A leader of all-natural beauty attention, the Shahnaz Husain group plans to grow 60-70 per cent in the following 36 months.

The altering lifestyle of consumers, increasing consciousness and higher disposable income have resulted in an increasing dependence on chemical-free products.

Husain is investing heavily in training and certifying underprivileged girls in Bengal to help them develop a strong foothold in the Rs 75,000-crore attractiveness and personal care marketplace.

"This a self-employment programme to educate underprivileged girls the best way to grow their assurance and begin bringing in independently. On an average, over 70 per cent of the pupils bring in as much as Rs 10,000 per month,"

The programme executed by Indus Group of Bengal, a skill development associate and is part of a state government initiative.

With a focus on the various markets in the make-up section that was all-natural, the Shahnaz Husain- will shortly introduce a high-end variety of products and group has found a Yoga Veda variety. "It consists of the most lavish progress in skin science, with the emphasis on supplying a lavish and completely natural path towards improving attractiveness."

Husain is undeterred by other indigenous skincare brands like Nature's and Forest Essentials Essence that have entered global markets with the support of international associates. "With the popularity of Ayurvedic beauty care and holistic systems, the rivalry will surely be raise.

"With the popularity of Ayurvedic beauty care and holistic systems, the rivalry will surely be raise. Get the herbal make up kits at Cosmetic shops online at a better price and discount.