How Street Art has changed the urban scene?

Street art is hard to avoid but still hard is not noticing it. You find street art everywhere through the narrow bylanes to the broad underpasses. You find it in the remotest corners to the façade of the huge building in the city center.


Why is urban street art celebrated now?

Perception of street art has brought in a massive change in the eyes of the public. Previously, it was considered something as valueless and untidy. Now street art has more advantages-

  1. It brings in more tourists and onlookers who appreciate the skilful art. So it helps rake in more tourism revenues.
  2. It helps those who want to cash-in on its popularity by investments, public artwork displays, gallery displays etc.
  3. The civic authorities now hire artists to paint socially relevant messages on the public walls. This also adds to the visual beauty of the city.
  4. Neighborhoods of a particular culture hire artists to paint their tradition and culture on the walls to enrich it.
  5. Big organizations fund street art projects as their advertizing strategy.
  6. Real estate in and around the famous street arts see their prices rising.

Even now the opinion is divided if street art is indeed an art form or a form of vandalism. This thought depends on the public perception though. But one thing about urban street art is common, that even though the painting is one, its interception is varied and it has many tongues, languages and forms.