How to Find Suitable Commercail Door Hardware

What are the Aspects to Check to Find Suitable Commercial Door Hardware?

Purchasing commercial door hardware will not seem like a challenge when you are aware of details to check. As such, we will go through few of the important details you need to keep note of at the time of buying door hardware to make the right selection.

Tips to Help You Select the Right Door Hardware

commercial door hardwareThresholds and Problem of Sweating

Thresholds generally make use of aluminum which conducts cold as well as heat. As such, during extreme cold, it is possible that the threshold will start sweating on interior section of your house. 

This problem can be fixed by use of thermal barrier thresholds which have rigid vinyl working as insulator to block cold waves. Such thermal barrier can be used on every type of threshold whether it is an interlocking, panic, vinyl top or saddle type threshold.

Thresholds and Need for Abrasive Finish

During your search for thresholds at commercial door hardware stores it will be important for you to look for thresholds which have non-skid as well as abrasive surface. Moreover, you need to consider abrasive finish for unfluted or wide thresholds.

Thresholds and Handicapped Access

You need to check the regulations with respect to allowed height for thresholds. As for instance, regulations may specify that exterior opening thresholds cannot be more than 1/2" or 1/4" in case of an interior threshold. Thus, before actually purchasing a threshold from a commercial door hardware supplier you will have to know about these regulations and make a purchase accordingly.

Moreover, there could be regulations governing bevel, slope as well as threshold's vertical rise and you need to check all the regulations to select the right type of threshold.

Sweeps and Clearance

Usually, there is a clearance of 1/8" between door's bottom and threshold in case you have decided to use a threshold (saddle type). You can easily seal this gap off by using a sweep.

The sweep consists of aluminum housing as well as sealing material made up of vinyl, neoprene, brush, pile, etc.

Automatic Door Bottoms

Generally, you can select from three types which are, semi mortised, fully mortised and surface mounted.

If you are looking for complete sealing across door's bottom them you need to look for automatic door bottoms at commercial door hardware stores. Moreover, it can also be effective in radiation shielding when drop bar utilizes a lead insert.


When making use of gasketing, it will be important to select the right material which will be able to withstand freezing temperatures.

In such situation, you will have to look for gasketing at commercial door hardware stores which are made using anodized aluminum that have polyurethane, neoprene or silicon blade fitting. 

These materials are able to withstand very low temperatures, making them the right option for locations with freezing temperatures.

In Conclusion

To summarize it can be said that selecting the right door hardware is quite important if you want to prolong its lifespan and ensure it works are expected. Thus, by having right information you will be able to select the right door hardware as per your needs.