Improving Office Efficiency With Cloud-Based Phone Messaging

A "cloud-based" system can be defined loosely as a computer system in which software and data reside on a server and are accessed via the Internet. The cloud service provider manages the system so that end users are freed of the headaches of installing and maintaining the system. Because the end-user accesses the system using a web browser, the software can operate on any Internet-connected device.

There are many advantages to this arrangement when applied to the processing of phone messages. Delivery of messages, complete with email and/or text message notification to the message recipient, is immediate. The result is faster follow-up and better customer satisfaction. You can also browse to get more info about the cloud-based phone.

When the phone message is taken it is entered into a secure message management system and is available for the message recipient to access at once. Messages can be read by the recipient anywhere he has access to an Internet connection on a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. 

Cloud-based systems eliminate the security problem with a totally paperless solution. Only the person who took the call and the message recipient should have access to the message. End-to-end encryption ensures the messages are readable only by authorized personnel. Since there is generally no need for a paper copy, discarded messages do not pose a security threat.