Is Cranberry Juice Effective Way to Treat UTI?

If your friend ever had UTI infection at some point in their life, you may have definitely heard they drank cranberry juice to clear up the infection. How did you know it was cranberries? Maybe he was taking something else in diet? Or maybe his body was healing naturally?

Even though it is scientifically proven that cranberry juice is a natural uti cure, there is still room for an issue which should be considered.In branded cranberry juice, the actual amount of cranberry is too small and it is virtually negligible. It mostly contains sugar, water and syrup. If you try a 100% cranberry juice, you will be shocked with its different taste over the store-bought ones.

As a matter of fact, cranberries are not an alternative to UTI treatment without antibiotics. Instead, you should try something else, which is more effective, such as UTI E Drops.

But every responsible UTI E drops manufacturer won’t tell you to take it without prescription. But actually, UTI E Drops are the best natural cure for UTI without having to use antibiotics. It is used for many years by thousands of patients worldwide as it helps treat UTI infection within few days. It was first invented by Dr. Enes Hasanagic, a European herbalist.