Know Why Drinks Are Served In Copper Mugs

For those who don’t know, copper is a very efficient conductor of both hot and cold. Copper is able to change temperatures virtually instantly, which makes it a perfect material to use for mugs intended for cold beverage use.

Metallic surfaces already feel colder when you drink out of them, and copper mugs significantly improve that feeling. Copper mugs don’t insulate your cocktail, but rather encircle it with a surface that matches the warmth of what’s inside.

 In this case, it’s the ice-cold temperature of the beverage. You can prefer to visit to avail copper cups for your favorite drink. Moscow Mules are incredibly fresh, and even more so on a hot day.

The mixture of the copper mug’s coldness combined with the cocktail’s snappy and fresh taste is simply an unbeatable combination and makes the drink what it is.The copper mug instantly turns ice cold when the beverage is poured inside and remains that way as long as it’s in there.

The mug provides a cold touch to your lips as you drink the cocktail, while also imparting a slight earthy tone from the copper itself. Moscow Mules can certainly be consumed in any type of glass or mug, but the experience is dramatically hindered. 

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