La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola Review

La Pavoni is an Italian company that has more than 100 years of experience in the espresso machine business, which makes it one of the leading producers of the best espresso machines. This review is related to a durable, affordable, and lever-styled espresso machine that La Pavoni has manufactured.

The EPC-8 Europiccola is a nice-looking, chrome-plated, all-steel, industrial design espresso machine. It is not wrong to say that it is a piece of art. This machine can make about one to two cups of espresso at one time. Apart from this, it also has a traditional steam wand that froths delicious and creamy milk for cappuccinos. Here are some excellent features the EPC-8 Europiccola by La Pavoni has got:


1. A Twenty-Ounce Boiler

This espresso maker has a good-sized twenty-ounce boiler capacity, which means that it can prepare about eight two-ounce espresso shots.

2. Steam and Piston

Steam pressure and piston are crucial for powering milk steaming and shot extraction. Without this feature, no espresso maker can extract the perfect shot.

3. Internal Thermostat

La Pavoni has an excellent internal thermostat which monitors the pressure continuously to ensure proper and complete extraction.

4. Stainless Steel

The best point about this device is that it is made up entirely of stainless steel, which makes it very durable. This product can serve you for a very long time just because of its stainless steel heating elements.

5. Nickel-Plated Brass Boiler

The La Pavoni espresso maker has a solid brass boiler that is plated with nickel. The benefit of this feature is that it helps maintain an even temperature throughout the process, which is essential for getting quality extraction.