Looking for a New Start in Digital Transcription

My goals in life have always been a strong factor in motivating me to do my best and be the best person I can be. I consider myself very lucky for everything I have done in my life, and would not change any part of it. My previous career feels like a totally different life now. I chose a career in the performing arts, an extremely difficult endeavor. So with my own drive I pursued my career it was a very difficult life, never sure where your next job would be and never knowing if you would be able to pay the rent. There was never a question for me it was always something I had to do because I loved it so much, I am so thankful for the opportunities and chances in pursuit of my dreams, despite any support from anyone close to me, but I did it.

I accomplished my dream. Now unfortunately due to an injury I can no longer pursue my former career. It is quite shocking to wake up one day and not be able to continue the only life you have ever known. I find myself today without a job, income, or prospect of a future, but everyday I am thankful for the chances I had and I would not take back a second of it. So now I am left with a decision of what I am to do with my future, finding a new career, a new start with my very limited financial resources. I am still hopeful and will never lose my motivation to continue to better myself and educate myself towards a new career. The advantages to a career in the digital transcription industry are very clear to me. The first factor would be job security, something I have never experienced to a full extent before. A career in the healthcare industry will always be available to anyone who has the proper skills, training, and education.

The benefits of a good training program are the freedom of studying online at your own pace and being able to review the course materials as often as necessary. My goal in the digital transcription industry would be to find employment in a hospital or medical facility where I can help people, that is the strongest benefit I feel to a career in the healthcare industry, to everyday know that you have helped someone. I am very hopeful about pursuing an education in digital transcription, it will give me the resources I need to have a future in this difficult time and in my difficult situation. This career has given me a new outlook on my future and getting started with training has got me a great feeling, something I haven’t felt in a long time. I feel my future and my new life can start fresh once I have the proper training in pursuit of a career in digital transcription, something that you have provided.