Myths About Landlord Tax Receipts

If you’re renting property and doubtful on paying tax, it can be quite complicated. Perpetually landlords fail to claim for expenses due to missing receipts. This obvious means paying higher in taxes.

Remember that HMRC would treat transfer of ownership of property as a sale. When you are selling your garden separately, the private residence relief is applied.

When you rent your property, you must inform HM Revenue and Customs because you have to pay Income Tax. In case you don’t you could be charged a penalty.

The extra profit you make from renting is part of your income, and is subject to Income Tax. Your amount of tax is subject to your total taxable income. If you pay the basic rate of tax then you have to pay 20% and if you’re a higher rate taxpayer you have to pay 40%.For further assistance  on tax tips visit

A person is chargeable to tax on the profit made from whatever activity, trade or letting out the property. A person could be a shareholder or owner of a let property or a trustee.

The person who owns an interest in land and exploits the interest to receive income is normally treated as rental business.