No Smoking and No Cell Phone at Marijuana Dispensaries

If you seriously follow etiquette when you go to different places, you should know that there are rules of etiquette to follow when you are inside a marijuana dispensary.  

No Lighting Up 

You could purchase marijuana products at dispensaries in Portland or other cities and states where marijuana has been legalized. Yet, this does not mean you could light up inside these dispensaries and start smoking or using your marijuana. Dispensaries are essentially like clinics where you could get useful resources and additional information from fellow like-minded people. Yet, these are not places where you could meet and then hang around other marijuana users while smoking your pot.  

No Cell Phone 

Be sure to just leave your cell phone locked in your car instead of bringing it inside the dispensary. Although your trip to the dispensary is what you consider an important highlight, this is probably not a good time or opportunity to update your social network status about it. Remember that dispensaries are like clinics where everything and everyone are there for serious reasons. No picture taking is allowed in most dispensaries to help protect the privacy of parents. Even if there is no such policy in the dispensary, it would be polite not to disturb other patients with your cell phone's ring tone.