Portable Oxygen Delivery Systems

The glad tidings are that the new types of lightweight air equipment are being made with the patients mobile needs at heart. The old heavy and uncomfortable oxygen tanks are actually something of days gone by.

Stationary oxygen systems for homes use three different kinds of air delivery and each one of these will have their lightweight equivalents. If you are looking for hospital beds then there are types of hospital beds and you simply browse online.

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The 3 Options of Lightweight Air Delivery Systems.

  1. Compressed Oxygen
  2. Liquid Oxygen
  3. Oxygen Concentrators

Compressed Air Cylinders: They are used for a long time now but used to be heavy and large, with a restricted oxygen supply.

The brand new range of metal cylinders means that you will have various options for lightweight cylinders where in fact the weight and design make sure they are much easier to bring.

Liquid Air Tanks: Generally conditions manufacturers of air delivery systems have been centering their new design attempts in two areas:  weight and air duration.

So that it is unsurprising to find improvements for both compressed air cylinders and liquid air tanks to be virtually identical. Oxygen is held liquid in its fish tank at a heat range of -170 Celsius.

Air Concentrators: An air concentrator can be an air delivery system that is power by electricity to remove pure air from the encompassing air- it, therefore, doesn’t have to be refilled as no air is stored in the machine.

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