Reasons To Use Releaseable Ties

In some ways, releasable ties are quite similar to your normal, average cable ties. Both can, for example, have unique uses such as quickly fixing a loose button. They do, however, have considerable differences. Releasable ties are even more unique in the sense that they can be reused and are therefore more environmentally friendly. This article will highlight some of the major reasons for using releasable ties.

Trigger Release

More releasable ties have what we call a ‘trigger release’. This inevitably strengthens its grip. Thus they are much more secure for they have a firmer grip and are therefore preferred over cable ties.


Holding Wires Together

Another main reason for using them is the fact that they can be molded easily for they tend to be elastic. Thus they usually do not break even when a greater force is applied. Their profound flexibility as well as the ability to maintain their shape for longer periods of time makes them an ideal choice to bundle together several thick wires or bundles. 


It has a finger-catch mechanism at the locking end which is specifically designed to undone quickly so that it does not hinder fast pace jobs. This again provides us with a compelling reason to use releasable ties for they are more efficient.


Releasable cable ties are more durable and therefore survive longer. Because of this particular feature, they are preferred over other forms of ties because they provide their users with a sense of security unlike any other.

Although tiny, releasable ties have great uses because of their flexibility and strength.