Relevance of BIN Checking

In this era where Internet reigns the world, monetary transactions have also got moved over internet. The online transactions can put you at the risk of fraud. Effective preventive measures are necessary to overcome these risk factors. One among the effective measures is the usage of BIN which is there on credit card and checking it at It forms the first 6 digits on credit card.

Details on BIN

BIN list is usually updated for keeping track on information which are important for combating the frauds involved in credit card transactions. BIN checking helps in identifying country of origin and also the bank that has issued the card. It even allows you to find the type of the card like secured card, charge card, prepaid, debit or credit card. BIN can even help you to get information on subtypes of the card.


BIN can actually be customized easily as per the needs of the business. There are possibilities for integrating the BIN checking along with the business requirements so that you can even block banks that show poor performance. Restrictions can be set on allowing only the merchants and countries that you trust on to reduce the fraud transactions online.