Reviews of the NANO O2 air cleaning system

I bought a Nano O2 air purifier las month, since I’ve seen lots of praises are given to it by many customers, and I checked the credit rating of this air cleaner in the Amazon, very high. So I bought one, because I need one to cleaner my indoor air at that time and the second reason I am wonder how great this cleaning machine is.

Well, it is said that this model is certified made in the Units State which mean whole accessory in this machine are all made by American. You can check detail like weight and height and other basic information on its description and I am not gonna spend too much time on it. Let’s get straight to the topic.

Does this model is really fabulous like its advertisement?

NnANO O2 uses PCO as their main technology to clean the air, this technology is powered by NANOcell. You can take PCO as a kind of oxidation, by using NANOcell the oxygen molecules would convert into negative ionic. Just like the way the ionizer cleaning system to go, but this model pretty impressed their owner for the high effectiveness at cleaning pollutants.

 Of course there are many brands can be selected, you can check this page to get more recommendation of different types of air cleaning system.

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