Selecting a Retirement Community

When selecting a retirement community, the same considerations you used when deciding upon a home still apply: Is the community located near places you enjoy visiting, i.e. a favorite golf course, park or shopping centre? If you expect friends and family to visit, is the community easy to access? If you are looking for senior living facilities, you may head to  Senior Housing Bellevue In WA.

Senior surfing Beyond the location questions, you should also consider what type of social life you want to have during retirement. Do you want to belong to a community that encourages socializing among residents and facilitates this by offering happy hours or community gatherings?

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While you can’t guarantee that you will develop friendships with every neighbor, you shouldn’t overlook that a sense of camaraderie among residents will make living in your new home even more enjoyable.

Price is also an important consideration. Even though you might have sticker shock when having to pay monthly rent after not having a mortgage payment for years, the upside is you no longer have to pay for utilities, property taxes or household repairs. But can you afford the monthly rent for another three decades? Rent increases will occur, and you don’t want to worry about financial insecurity during retirement.

You should also assess your future healthcare needs. Does the community have a separate building where assisted living services are provided, and if not—such as is the case with senior apartments—can you bring in in-home care? This will likely be the last move you make, and you should make it count.