Should I Buy a New Or Used Cargo Container?

Cargo containers are used by businesses all over the globe to safely store and ship goods of various shapes and sizes. Whether or not your business should buy new or used cargo containers often comes down to how many you want and how quickly you need them.

The only real difference between new and used cargo containers is the price. Depending on the size of container, a brand new model can cost anywhere between 2 and 5 thousand dollars, whereas used units tend to go for around 30-50% less.

New containers are normally only used by companies that deal in massive amounts of shipping, even then they only purchase new unit's because they need a lot of them on a regular basis and it works out cheaper for them to do so then transport the old containers back across the world to be refilled. You can get more knowledge about shipping containers by browsing the web.

If you only want a single unit that you plan to keep at a permanent lock up facility, then there is absolutely no reason to invest in a brand new container. Almost as soon as purchasing a new unit it will drop in value and offer absolutely no additional benefit over a used version to you as a consumer.

For most people used containers from a reputable source will perform just as well as a new unit. Companies that deal in refurbished containers tend to buy them in bulk, then they take them apart, so that the basic components are all laid out for cleaning and repair. Once that is done they assemble the units on demand, checking as they do so to ensure that they meet the required safety, storage and transport standards.