Skills to consider when hiring a bodyguard

An Overview of Important Skills a Bodyguard Should Have

Planning to appoint a bodyguard? Not sure who will be the right person to perform this challenging task? In this article we discuss important qualities a bodyguard should have, and these details will help you select the right bodyguard in Toronto.

Skills a Bodyguard Should Have

Communication Skills

bodyguard in TorontoClose protection work is not about just guns and muscles, it is necessary for a bodyguard to have good (if not excellent) communication skills. A bodyguard in Toronto should master three important communication channels which are; words, tone and nonverbal communication. A good bodyguard will choose words carefully, and use language in a concise manner. Understanding tone and nuance is another important aspect of communication, as is interpreting body language. Any bodyguard you employ should be well versed in these forms of communication.

Use of Common Sense

A bodyguard not only needs to utilize the skills he has learned, but also make use of common sense while making any decision. A good bodyguard decides about something on the basis of the details he constantly analyzes.

Professional Attitude and Confident Approach

Any experienced bodyguard in Toronto has a professional attitude towards others, which helps them acquire details and information that may not be as readily available otherwise.

Additionally, bodyguards need to have a confident approach to everything they do. Not only does this give the person hiring the body guard confidence, it can also be a deterrent for potential attackers. 

A Team Player

There are many situations where bodyguard will be part of the close protection team. As such, Toronto bodyguard should be a team player who is able to interact with to ensure set objectives are accomplished. A good bodyguard will make sure that personal issues and feelings  do not create problems in any tasks team has to complete.


Time is of critical importance in close protection tasks and as such, a bodyguard needs to be punctual. Oftentimes it is necessary for a bodyguard to be at a specific location at a certain time, and being late can be detrimental to security of principal.

Knowledge of Language(s)

It is always possible that the person in need of a body guard is not a native English speaker. A bodyguard in Toronto that knows a second language (for instance, French or Spanish) would be an asset to any security team. 

In Conclusion

As we can see a bodyguard should have different qualities to carry out his or her responsibilities in right manner. Thus, before hiring a bodyguard you need to perform a thorough check to ensure you are appointing the right person.