Some Facts and the Fiction about Home Heating Oil

Some sources of energy for the home are as misunderstood as heating oil. There are various common misconceptions surrounding oil which can deter people from choosing to heat their home using this method.

Home heating oil: the Facts

1. It’s not dangerous.

Any heating system has the potential to be unsafe, regardless of how it is fuelled. If the system is not correctly maintained, serviced and looked after, then it can present a risk in the home. You can visit to know more benefits of using home heating oil services.

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However, with the right care and proper attention, is not dangerous. If stored properly, it poses no threat to anybody.

2. It’s not expensive.

There is one other common misconception is that oil is costly, and as a result, it's not cost effective to heat your home using a system. This simply isn't the case. Not like other fuels, oil prices are infrequent fluctuation which can sometimes result in raised prices but can also mean low prices too.

3. It’s not dangerous for the environment.

When it comes to the environment, oil really does get a bad press. However, when compared to the emissions released by a gas boiler, oil boilers actually generate less harmful CO2. Lots of people who heat their home using oil also form buying groups with neighbors which trim down CO2 emissions from tanker delivery.

4. It’s efficient.

This is one of the very common misconceptions about oil, with most of the people believing that their home heating oil prices are too high, given the amount of energy generated.

It is not easy to compare fuels precisely, as they take a variety of forms; but the fact is that oil actually releases a lot more heat than other forms of fuel, and is very efficient.