Some Thoughts on Overcoming Phobia

Phobia is normally defined as an extreme, excessive fear. Common phobias include (but aren't necessarily restricted to) a fear of heights (acrophobia,) spiders (arachnophobia,) and germs (microphobia). For detailed information on acrophobia and its treatment, you may get navigated to

There are hundreds of tried-and-true strategies for beating some of these more common phobias, but I'm not going to waste your time by going through all the details and technical psychobabble that goes into those approaches in this entry.

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I do understand, however, that being that phobias are, by definition, irrational, then it should fit into those of us who have them to seek out responses on beating phobia in whatever forms they take.

I have a phobia of grocery stores that started after I moved away from my mother's home and have gone through several mutations of the phobia since that time. The first time, I recall walking into a neighborhood Kroger and, somewhere in the spice aisle, experiencing a panic attack. My chest got tight, I began to feel dizzy.

I looked at all of the nicely-lined and well-organized rows of coriander and cumin and recognized, for the very first time and as certainly and as absolutely as I'd ever been before, that the spice aisle would be the place where I would be trapped for the remainder of eternity.

Agoraphobia– "fear of the market"– is another common and completely irrational anxiety that, at least in my case, shows itself only in grocery stores.