Styles And Sizes Of Wine Cellar Cooling

Wine cellar cooling units are air conditioners specially designed to function at a perfect cellar temperature, generally 55 – 57 levels. Just like additional air compressors, these systems need to offer an evaporator coil to cool the atmosphere and condense moisture within the basement and a condenser coil that utilizes a blower to eliminate the heat coming from the space.

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Through-the-Wall Design

Among the most popular, dependable and cheapest styles utilized privately cellars is that a “through-the-wall” setup, where a self-indulgent ac unit is mounted throughout the wall. These components are perfect for smaller cellars since they have a limited cooling capability.

The condenser aspect of this unit is out the basement and creates some heat and sound, yet another variable to be taken into consideration when deciding the place. A room air conditioner isn’t an alternative to buying an air conditioner specifically designed for usage in a wine cellar from a trusted manufacturer.

Ducted System

A flexible design available from several manufacturers is a self-indulgent ducted unit that features maximum flexibility in installation and design and has got the cooling capacity to be utilized in almost any size basement.

A grille on the inner wall is attached by insulated flexible ductwork into a self-contained unit out the basement which includes the evaporator, fan, and condenser. This device can be put in almost any indoor, out-of-the-way location beyond the basement. The outcome is a silent basement with literally no obtrusive equipment taking up space.