The Friendship Journey Continues

Just a couple days past, I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and saw a cute notification: “Congrats Emily, you’ve been friends with Jessica Harker for one year! Firstly, Facebook is becoming extremely with reminding me about events. Second, I can’t believe it’s just been a year since I began writing for the Independent Collegian. A lot has changed in that period of time, like the creation of the friend that was best – squad. It looked like I 'd get really close to someone and then they would abruptly move away or we'd drift for a special reason. My sophomore year of high school changed. I walked around to your table of girls that I was somewhat friends with, and ate lunch together. For the next 3 years, the eleven of us were amazing friends. I won’t pretend and say that I believed we'd be friends forever. I understood they all had been hanging out with each other. Although I was encouraged to hang out with them it was never more than class birthday parties. Nevertheless, in high school, that didn’t matter. It was an opportunity for me to really get to know them all over.

We were headed off in different programs, to different schools. I honestly believed the next time we all would be collectively would be at our five-year class reunion. I was right. The summer after graduation came and went, along with the last two and a half years of my college career, and I still have not once hung out with any of my high school friends. I never go further than a ‘Joyful Birthday!’ on a brief ‘ or their Facebook wall How are you doing?’ dialog when we run into each other at Walmart during summer break. I understand that many still hang out together (how could I not when it’s plastered all over Instagram?). They never invited me, and I never inquired why or invited myself. It really doesn’t matter; it’s not the very first time I 'd friends ‘breakup’ with me.

Camaraderie break ups are very just like intimate relationship break ups. Usually, there is a lot of crying and soul-searching involved, and one party is typically more happy than the other in the long run. It’s tough to go forward. You have to rethink what you desire in a camaraderie and how you can achieve that same thing. Having friends that are good means that you must be a good friend. But if there's one thing I learned from my high school pals, it is that it is hardly difficult to make friends, even when I don’t actually need to. Now that I’m in my third year of school, I 've many different friend groups, and they all serve a different function. I have my marching band pals, my new Zeta fraternity brothers and, needless to say, my fellow IC editors. Last year, I might haven't believed that I could locate such good buddies in one area. I love writing for the IC, but I adore my friends even more. It wasn’t even until the start of this school year that I fell into friendship online with these wonderful ladies.

Jessica is not so weak and she has become among my greatest friends. I am able to tell her anything (and I usually do). Rachel is the kindest and funniest man I know. She reminds me of how enjoyable life can be. Savannah is our Wonder Woman, but she’s additionally a tender bloom who desires our protection. Afterward there is Morgan, who's a genuinely excellent human being; she always has the most glowing smile and the best ideas.

They are those who make my life so colorful and vivid. To me, it seems like years, although I know that we’ve actually just been close friends for less than two months. Morgan goes on awful dates and tells me the stories so I can laugh as well as her. Rachel and Savannah have enough picture blackmail to continue for years.