The Most Anticipated Adventure Park in Cebu

One of the country's most awaited new attractions is Cebu Safari and Adventure Park Package, a world-class zoological garden sprawled over the mountains of Barangay Corte, Carmen, 50 kilometers north of Cebu City. Covering a land region of 170 hectares, Cebu Safari is the biggest safari park in the Philippines, and one of the greatest in Asia, after Naypyidaw Zoological Garden in Myanmar (247 ha) and Safari World in Thailand (190 ha).

Up until now, the park has united almost a thousand creatures having a place with more than 100 species from everywhere throughout the world. Also, more are relied upon to land as the facility develops. There is a majestic fauna of every kind from a kaleidoscope of tropical bird species to great warm-blooded creatures like tigers, giraffes, and orangutans. For plant darlings, the huge park likewise includes Michel's Garden, an arranged patio loaded with 1.2 million orchid plants from his private collection. In addition, hotel accommodations and a 1.2-kilometer zip-line – touted to be one of Asia's longest – is right now being worked on the property.

Together with a group of companions, I as of late delighted in a sneak peek of the zoo to perceive how far the facility has gone since development started ten years prior inside the 2,000-hectare cultivate home of pawn shop store big shot Michel Lhuillier. Understanding the "open zoo" idea, the recreation center features its creatures in expansive fenced-in areas that mimic their common natural surroundings with the mission to teach individuals about untamed life and ecological preservation. A cable car brought us around the recreation center, arranging the bumpy landscape of the property.

From the Welcome Pavilion disregarding the moving green scene, we saw the most amazing structure: the Aviary Dome. This 12-meter-tall steel stroll in structure houses 11 types of tropical flying creatures including the chattering lory and Victoria crowned pigeon. One can interact with some of the birds through planned feeding of fruits. The aviary stands by the Safari Fountain circuitous, highlighting a noteworthy scene of natural life statues.