The need of halal meat with growing population

Any slaughtering house present in any part of the world and providing meat for Muslims is required to prove that the system being carried out is safe and according to the Sharia laws.

Getting halal meat certificate is the top priority for any slaughtering house to prove that is providing the permitted food for the Muslim community. Whether the slaughtering is being carried out by hand or by machine as long as it is according to laws of Sharia it is permissible to eat for Muslims.

The process of such meat is given extra attention because not doing so can result in being ugly for the Muslims. Any slaughtering house not fulfilling the proper method is either fined heavily and in most cases is stripped off from certified halal meat producer. In a non-Muslim and even in Muslim countries the meat being processed for eating is labeled halal usually with a logo of the halal certified company.

Only food halal market is worth in billions and is expected to reach $7 billion till 2020. The rapid increase of halal meat production has led Singapore to produce nearly 50,000 ton of meat alone per annum. With such rapid increase in demand for halal meat, these digits are meant to go even further.