The Right Way to Approach a Girl

There are many things men do wrong when they approach women. Even when they try to be the perfect gentlemen, sometimes they still do things that will totally ruin their chances with girls. What's even worse, they have no idea what they did wrong and usually just keep repeating the same mistakes.

Of course, there is hope for these guys. If they learn some simple things to avoid, they will become much better at approaching and attracting the women they meet. But to achieve that, they also need to know that what they did before was wrong and be willing to change it.

The biggest mistake most guys do while approaching is to assume that they are bothering the person they are approaching. Even if they are, it's irrelevant because she will let them know anyway and just move on. But when they instantly assume it while making an approach, this will reflect in their body language and behaviorism and will make them appear really insecure.

For this to change, every man who wants to seem attractive, has to give up these thoughts that they are always bothering others with their presence. Instead of going up to a girl with the thoughts and fears of bothering her and hoping that she will respond positively, they should do it with the mindset that they are giving something her – their awesome company. And if she rejects it, it will be her loss, not theirs.

Another thing every guy should do is to approach without being creepy. This means that they should do it in a very self-assured manner and avoid common mistakes like making her too uncomfortable by invading her personal space, giving her too much attention like she is the only girl they have seen, or just bring up topics that are way too carnal.

Every man who approaches a girl should also pay attention to his mistakes. Not in the moment, but after the interaction. This way he will always have the opportunity to improve himself. Because if he refuses to make a change, he will keep doing the same mistakes and always approach girls like a creep.

Approaching isn't that hard. If a man knows what he is doing, there is hardly anything that will make him uncomfortable in the presence of a girl he likes and this also will affect her reaction to him as well. She will be more welcoming and appreciative of him. That's why every guy who wants to attract girls, needs to know the right way to approach a girl.