The Standard American Diet

 There are a lot of diabetics today, especially in America.  In fact, some research suggests that the Standard American Diet is going to result in about one half of the country to be diabetic in the very near future.  I think they actually started calling the Standard American Diet so they could abbreviate it as the S.A.D. diet.

Sadly, we are a nation who puts convenience above our health.  Naturally, we all want things to be convenient but when its at the risk or our health and well being there has to be a line.  Then there is also a cost to eating healthy.  In fact I saw something on tv a while back where a camera crew followed around people on food stamps and saw what they could buy with the money they had.  It was incredible to see that when one person went through and bought a ton of junk food, including things like tv dinners, Cheetos, Twinkies, and multiple things of soda, they could literally fill the whole cart and feed their family for weeks.

They followed around another family with the same amount of money to spend only this family wanted to eat healthy.  When they were done, they basically had a bag of groceries for the family.  It’s a shame that eating real food costs more than junk because it encourages an unhealthy lifestyle.  Feel free to check out for more information on the subject of eating healthy and proper diet.