Tips For Playing Flute

Flute music is considered to be very calming and relaxing in nature so this is the main reason people like to learn the art of playing a flute. This instrument belongs to the woodwinds family. When playing a flute, the player uses his mouth to produce sound. He needs to keep his lips in the shape of “O” and blow air into it to make the desired sound.

Following are a few tips for playing popular flute music:

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  1. If you need to play low notes on a flute, then you should keep your lips relaxed to produce the desired sound. When you are playing high notes, you should keep your lips tighter. It is preferable to keep your mouth piece moving according to the type of notes you are playing. ­
  2. The way you place your fingers on the flute holes effects the sound produced, especially during high notes. You should cover the keys properly and blow forcefully for better sound.
  3. When practicing the flute, you should stand up and keep your face towards your feet. Retain your knees and dips at 45 degrees on the right side and twist the upper part of the body in near music stand. In this position, you will not get tired easily and will not feel fatigue in your shoulders and arms. You will also be able to play for a longer time.
  4. If you have a metal flute, it is better to warm it up by blowing air in the flute or practice beforehand. Also, before every performance check the tuning of the flute.

By following the above mentioned tips, you can make your performance much better.