Wallaroo’s are Cute Leather Accessories for your iPhone

You may have recently noticed the influx of people getting stick-on wallets for the back of their iPhones and Androids (They look like garbage but serve some convience in my opinion). Some may have brand names, others logos. They all have one thing in common: millennials love them. These stick-on wallets let people go to the gym, restaurant, or bar and leave their real wallet behind, taking only their phone and the sparse cards attached to it. However, there has never been a durable stick-on phone wallet solution for the professional until recently.

I  wanted a phone wallet made out of leather, which appeals to the crowd who wants the same convenience, without the appearance of silicone or rubber. The Wallaroo wallet I found was pretty cute, it's named after a kangaroo species closer to the size of a wallaby, is known for its unique pouch. Wallaroo was named after this animal, and their created leather stick-on wallets for the young professional who is looking for a classier way to hold their credit cards, debit cards, and cash on their phone

Some people may mention the competition such as Big Skinny, Card Buddy also known as CardBuddy or Ninja Wallet but I've tried a few and it seems that Wallaroo has the stickiest wallet or best wallet that is. I don't know maybe I am just fan of Kangaroo oooo's. I have also found out that Kangaroo's are basically deer in australia, they are almost a vermin but we in the united states tend to find that they are cute. Even though they look more like mike tyson than the cute kangaroo you see in the news. But I think Wallets are a cool niche for a kangaroo i mean its basically a pocuh or pouch already so might as well go with it. 

I think If I was a kangaroo I'd be most likely the Wallabee since its the smallest of the Kangaroos. I remember seeing one with the Kangaroo outback guy what was his name again.. Steve Irwin that was the guy. He had a great show about kangaroos and other aussie animals. But alas the Stingray got him even though he wrestled with crocodiles. Oh well, Check out their BIO page its pretty funny if you're bored.

Best of luck on your wallet hunt!