What and Why Canyoneering in Cebu

Canyoneering or canyoning is exploring canyons through walking, climbing, and swimming to the more difficult like rappelling and scrambling. Kawasan Falls is slowly gaining popularity in the Philippines especially for people who are adventurous and make the most out of Cebu. The place is perhaps one of the most amazing and thrilling parts of the country. Canyoneering is one of the trends in traveling the Philippines and you’ll not see any reason why you should not try it. If you’re interested, you should read for some things to remember and why this activity is a thing that you should try in the Philippines.

Canyoneering is cheaper in groups

Most of the travel agencies offer canyoneering which usually stars for two persons. This means that the more people you are in a group, the cheaper the packages get. Make sure you well coordinate with tour agencies that are best for your group.

Canyoneering is all in one

Canyoneering is basically exploring canyons along the way that involves physical activities. There will be a lot of trekking depending on your starting and ending points. Above all, there will be a swimming as you drench yourself in Kawasan Falls. It’s a very great experience that will truly challenge you and experience with just one hour.

Canyoneering requires exercise

You don’t need to be truly buff to be able to enjoy canyoneering, but you must remember that the activity lasts a whole day, which makes you require some stamina to succeed. If you don’t exercise regularly, better start to condition yourself for some physical activities months before your scheduled trip so you don’t get left behind. It can be dangerous if you’re not prepared as there some risks in the paths you take.

How to get there

The first option you can have is to take the bus going to Badian but if you’re a person who wants to have a hassle-free trip, you can book on Cebu van rental service for a van rental with your group which will give you a perfect time to really have the freedom in traveling.