When The Walls Become Canvas

Imagine you live in a place where, for some reason, you have no legitimate voice of your own politically, artistically or socially. When you try to speak, a good many well intentioned people tell you to shut up. But you know even if you can not speak, you have a talent to show it to people. You can not go to an gallery or a department in a school and state your views.


So What Can You Do?

Are you someone looking for an answer to this question? Then you are in the right place. Street art is a visual art created in public locations. It is a form of artwork that is displayed in a community on itsstreets and other public places.

Various Forms

  • Bombing- Also known as throw-up, this form makes use of one or more colours on multiple surface of an area.
  • Hollow Graffiti- This form is also popular as outlines or shells. Here only the outlines of the picture take procedure and no fill is used.
  • Scribing- This is done by scratching graffiti on to a surface. Sharp tools like keys, knives or drill bits are used to achieve this.
  • Stencil Graffiti- Cuts outs from cardboard, plastic or even paper are used to replicate images quickly and easily. This is a very popular form.

It is not surprising, that since the civil rights movement in the USA, this has been used as a symbol, to develop the message, to collect resources, to translate information and nurturing emotions.