Why I Want to Offer Digital Transcription Service

I would like to offer digital transcription service because I really need something to compensate for my small salary. I am a preschool teacher and a stay-at-home mom. I’m also a single mother of two kids. I chose the job I have so I can stay with my kids. They attend preschool with me three days a week. They get to go for free, while I get paid to teach.

There is another reason that I chose this job. It’s very enriching for the kids, while allowing me to have an income. I have a lot of free time after the school day is over while the kids are napping, and I would like to use this time to make some money for our little family. Really, I need to use this time to make some money for us.

Being a single mother is very hard, especially with two preschool age kids. My kids and I live with my parents still, and having this extra income would help me to be able to get us out on our own. This is very important to me and would really help us out in many ways. The main advantage of working in the digital transcription industry would be that I could work from home.

Family is very important to me and I firmly believe that a mother should stay at home with her children while they are young. I’ve worked in child care for a very long time and just see a big difference in kids that are constantly at daycare or with a babysitter and the ones who are with their parents mainly. I believe that whoever a kid spends the most time with is the person that the child will emulate more and learn more from. I want to be that person for my kids. I want them to see how to live a good, Christian life and how to navigate through this world.

Working from home in a job like this would really allow me to be here for them. From what I can tell, there is a really good online program which would be very helpful in getting me where I want to go. After looking over the site and the tools that are used in training, I really like what I see and am excited to hopefully join this career opportunity. Especially with this tuition scholarship possibility. I am wanting to work this job because I need the extra money, so being able to take the courses needed for the job without having to pay the full price, would really be a blessing. In the next few years, I would like to have completed digital transcription education and found employment. I actually know someone who could hire me after I have completed the education, so hopefully I could get the courses under my belt, and then move on to working in this industry. Hopefully I could continue to work part time over the years, despite what other jobs might come along.