Why is Moscow Mule Always Served in a Copper Mug?

The Moscow Mule is really a refreshing vodka cocktail developed in the 1940s inside the United States. To know more about moscow mule copper mug you can search via online sources.


Therefore the beverage was named Moscow Mule while the vodka is considered to be a Russian merchandise. Today, Moscow Mule is among the hottest cocktails for a summer party or get-together with friends.

The common type of the Moscow Mule drink includes lime juice, vodka, and ginger beer offered in a solid copper cup. Applying only three substances, it’s really easy to create at home. You produce a huge number of delightful versions and may also include fresh components.



Across America, the mixture has been enjoying a popularity lately. A stylish standard copper pot gives its unique look to the beverage, and makes an original drinking experience.

The cocktail is meant to be served in standard copper glasses which may have become an essential ingredient for a Moscow Mule cocktail. The copper glasses look great and incorporate specific attraction creating the beverage really easy to spot.

Those pretty, copper cups could add style and novelty for your celebrations, and therefore are usually a conversation piece.A majority of today’s glasses have food and Copper exterior – protected nickel or metal lining inside. The Moscow mule glasses which can be made out of 100% pure copper may also be available.